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Process Measures – The Passion

November 19, 2010

Today’s business environment demands a new way to think and even more important, a new way to act.  Improved performance happens in a moment we like to call “NOW”.   And while most complex organizations today have some kind of process definition for various parts of their organization, without measurement, really, what is the point?  We believe that driving value in an organization first requires measuring processes, sub-processes and outcomes.  A secondary value of defining the tolerances for these balanced “scorecards” is the teamwork, understanding and disciplined focus it provides for the team and individuals involved.

I recently attended a half-day process/outcome scorecard development session for the leaders of a human resources process group.  Without boring you in the details, the most significant part of the day for me was a closing statement made by their Sr. Vice President of Human Resources who said, “Can you just imagine where we were five weeks ago, doesn’t this feel amazing?”  And one of the lead managers replied, “I am looking forward to this becoming ingrained as part of our daily routine.”

People who are implementing The Mother of All Processes are passionate about the simplicity and in feeling the improved teamwork even during the planning and development process for NOW.  Are you ready to Manage in the NOW?

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