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I Need Me a Management System

October 6, 2010

By John Bernard

The fact is EVERY organization is run by some form of a management system, whether its existence is consciously recognized or not, whether someone designed that system or it simply evolved. Most organizations operate under an informal momentum-driven management system that few, if anyone, in the organization really understands.

How do I know?

I often ask people in organizations—even CEOs—what their system of management is. Most often in response I get a blank stare and at best, a few words–after they take a few seconds to think.

Management system? What’s that?

In fact, there are most often multiple systems in a given organization, which ultimately creates the fractures that lead to disengagement, the biggest enemy to individual and organizational performance.

And whose job is it to determine the organization’s management system? The top executive! We need to start helping them.

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